Hi, my name is Larissa Morrell

and I'm

living in the Boston area.


About me

Hi, I’m Larissa Morrell, a software engineer with grit, who always strives to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I have a passion for technology and building things to improve the human experience. I love learning new skills and taking on challenging projects.

Before becoming a software engineer, I taught math, computers, and engineering for 12 years, spanning grades K-12. As a hobby, I took my first programming courses to keep my critical thinking sharp, which eventually led me to pursue software engineering full-time.

I am experienced in various key technologies such as JavaScript, React, React Native, Node, TypeScript, Redux, MongoDB, PostgreSQL. I have experience with both mobile and web, developing various internal and customer-facing products.

In my current role at Pear Therapeutics, I have led planning and execution of study data fixes to support migration to microservices, written tests in Mocha, Chai, and Jest to ensure high levels of code quality and coverage, and developed features for microservices migration and the deprecation of a legacy codebase. I have also been a subject matter expert for managing/troubleshooting issues with a third-party gift card provider, participated in production support rotations, and worked closely with QA, document control, and project managers to meet deadlines.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy spending time with my family, wine/beer/mead tasting, game nights with my friends, immersing myself in foodie culture, and challenging myself with cooking creatively.