Hi, my name is Larissa Morrell

and I'm

living in the Boston area.


About me

I'm an adventurous spirit who is always up for trying new things. On weekends I can be found doing a vast range of activities; from wine-tasting, to ziplining, glass blowing, or white-water rafting... no matter what the activity, I always strive to push myself a little beyond my comfort zone.

I taught math, computers, and engineering for 12 years, spanning grades K-12. My love for learning led me to take my first programming courses, and from there I was hooked. My passion for building apps has led me to take this new path to web development.

I'm open minded to trying new technologies, but front end development with React and ES6 have captured my interest recently.

I'm a hard worker, committed to continually improving my knowledge base and always challenging myself to improve.